AXG migration made easy

August 7, 2011

The Cisco Ace XML Gateway (AXG) product is quickly nearing its end of life. Last year, Layer 7’s field team completed a number of successful AXG replacement projects and the rate of such projects has since picked up considerably. Layer 7 is now releasing the Cisco ACE XML Gateway Migration Guide. This guide includes a step-by-step methodology, which builds on our experience in AXG migration type projects.

A key component of this methodology is the AXG migration utility, a policy-based module which interprets an incoming AXG export file in PPF format and automatically populates a Layer 7 Gateway instance with corresponding service proxies and runtime policies. When we first considered the possibility of such a migration utility, we were skeptical about the amount of automation that could be reached due to the differences between both solutions. In the end, what made this possible was the flexibility of the Layer 7 Gateway design and our Gateway Management API facilitating programmatic provisioning. The migration utility uses a customizable stylesheet which can be tailored to the specific AXG setup in order to maximize automation and optimize resulting policy organization. By organizing policies in logical tree structures and grouping similar logic in imported fragments, the resulting configuration in the Layer 7 Gateway reduces the management overhead moving forward.

See this utility in action in the following video.